Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Some Nice Quotes From Aki Sano, Founder & CEO Cookpad

“Probably, the most important thing for an entrepreneur is to find a problem you’re passionate about.”
It’s not the size of capital that matter, but whether you’re really solving real customer problem or not.”
Create something! If you succeeded, at least you’ll be successful for 5 years. If you failed, it doesn’t cost too much because you’re young and your lifestyle is not expensive.”
Create your own category!”
“Do you think my vision is to create recipe site only? No, my vision is diversity in your food! Harmony in Japanese families begins in their table at home; by having diversity in your food, you’re not controlled by only one food resource, which means stability of price.”
Having a validated idea is very important.”
I tried to monetize Cookpad from day 1, but it took me 6 years. What did my wife and I eat during those 6 years? My wife’s family are farmers, so they gave us food and our living cost was so damn low.” -


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